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Escape to a dream land of sugary treats with our delightful Marshmallow Fragrance Oil! The sweet notes of sugar-dipped rose petals, pink musk and vanilla will tantalise your senses and evoke nostalgic memories, taking you on a whimsical journey of pure joy!

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon

Middle Notes: Pink Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Pink Musk

Boardwalk Marshmallow clouds

Candied whipped vanilla, marshmallow meringue, white magnolia & fluffy sandalwood. 

Candyfloss Marshmallow

A sweet sugary type accord with notes of vanilla and candy floss and hints of fruits

Cherry marshmallow

A truly decadent delight! Indulge yourself! A sweet bing cherry accord is brightened with hints of strawberry to awaken the senses in this luscious scent. Rich vanilla and creamy marshmallow form a cloud of sweetness that brings this scent to perfection!

Marshmallow & sweet Clementine

A vibrant fragrance with top notes of zesty clementine and soft marshmallow followed by a floral heart all resting on a sweet base of raspberry and musk

Marshmallow Wax Wheel

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