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Q) Are your products Vegan? 

A) Yes - we are proud to say that 99.9% of the goods we offer are vegan. The odd percentage that isn't will be pet treats or in rare occasions something containing beeswax, but this will always be stated as such. 

Our wax is 100% Pure Vegetable Soy. You may also notice the dye may not always be as bright as other vendors, this is due to us not using anything containing Carmine. 

Q) Is all your packaging & glitter biodegradable? 

A) Sadly not everything is at the moment, but we're working hard to make it so. Where we can we use biodegradable glitter but can't promise everything we use is. 

Where possible packaging is re-used / recycled boxes to cut down on waste and minimise plastic used.



Q) What are your delivery options? 

A) We offer a flat rate for all orders of £4.50 - if your order weighs in at under 2kg it will be sent Royal Mail tracked 24.

Large Letter - £2.25 sample boxes or  four bars or small shapes (NOT pot shots)

Open Basket - £7.50 Under 10kg will go via Royal Mail tracked 24.

above 10kg via DPD £12

Orders will only be packed and shipped after payment has cleared. If you payment is marked as pending by the bank / Paypal, we will wait until it's cleared to dispatch your items. 

Q) How does Open Basket work?

A) If you're not in a rush for your order and wish to save multiple postage charges this is the option for you. Baskets can remain open for up to six moths and you can add as many orders as you wish to your basket. 

To do this, just go through your order and select open basket for each order you want to add to the basket. When you're ready to close the basket, select close basket for your final order and we'll get it all packed and dispatched.


If you haven't added to your box for over 3 months i will contact you to see if you wish for it to be dispatched.

If boxes are left open over 6 months with no adding/contact or reply to messages i will cancel the last order and use funds to ship and refund and surplus

Q) Can I add to an existing order? 

A) Yes, you can! Go along with your order as usual until you get to the postage screen, then select "add to order" from there.

Q) How long will my items take to dispatch? 

A) Your items will usually dispatch the next day, sometimes even the same day. Any custom orders can take up to 10 days to be made and dispatched.

Q) Can I pick my fragrance? 

A) Yes! On orders where you pick your own fragrance there will be an optional text box for you to do this. You can find the full list of fragrances we offer here!

Q) Do you offer bespoke orders? 

A) Yes! You can either customise an array of different items to your chosen colour & scent in the Mould-a-Melt section of our store. If what you would like isn't on offer there, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Q) Do you ship internationally? 

A) Currently, no - just within the U.K.

Q) Do you offer wholesale?

A) This isn't something we offer at present.

Q) Do you offer collection?

A) We do not offer collection.

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