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The packs either contain 3 larger discs or 6 small, with the small use 2.

Scented hoover discs fragrance your home by circulating the air inside of your hoover through the filter and releasing scent into the air.

 After cleaning your hoover filter/ hoover bag, simply place one disc inside and reassemble your hoover.

These discs may feel slightly damp inside the bag but they will dry out while the hoover is in use.

Ensure you wash your hands immediately after handling the discs or wear gloves and ensure they do not touch any surface or fabric as they will stain them. 

The man's a peach

exquisite fragrance perfect for today's man. With its zesty orange, lemon, and peach top notes, it's sure to get your senses going. Lavender and pepper in the heart give it a refined punch, while musk and tonka tie up the scent with a warm, captivating bow. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Hoover discs - Mixed fragrances

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