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Lavender Haze

simply stunning, strong and very true to life

Oud lavender

Oud Lavender elegantly embraces a sophisticated charm, this uncompressing aroma of oud supported by notes of fresh lavender, entwined with patchouli, sandalwood, hints of rose finally resting on a bed of sensual leather and amber bring this fragrance to a close

Lavender vertiver

fragrant slumber blend of Lavender and Vetiver will calm the mind and soul with its fragrant top notes and grounding base notes.

Lavender sandalwood

A gorgeous blend of lavender and sandalwood with notes of florals in magnolia petals, peonies & iris and fruits of lemons & acai berry with soft sandalwood and amber all finised off with vanilla and musks

Lemon lavender

An uplifting fragrance with bright opening notes of lemon, balanced with calming lavender. Sprinkled with cinnamon and sweet vanilla for a warm and cosy nuance.

Top: Aromatic, camphoraceous

Midd: cinnamon, lavender

Base: lemon, sweet

Lavender Wax Wheel

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