i put a spell on you 

An alluring, bewitching scent of spellbound wonder. Be taken under the spell to a world of fruity, sweet magic and dreamy caramel scents of enchantment

T: Peach, Strawberry, Berries
M: Rose, Guava, Iris, Raspberry
B: Caramel, Fruity notes



Haunted woods

An intense woody accord with pine, cedar patchouli and vetiver with herbal touches of lavender and rosemary along with incense, labdanum and sensual amber.


green goblins

A fresh crisp green apple fragrance with supporting fruity notes and green herbs, with a musk dry down.


eyeball snot tail

A fun and fizzy fishbowl, big enough for everyone, where sweet lychee and maraschino cherries are muddled with strawberry lace rats tails and strained over sparkling lemonade. Tart apple and blackcurrant are layered on top, with lime jelly floaters and decorative sugar skulls.


hats & bats

A rich edible accord with juicy orange and clove followed by a heart of green apple pumpkin cherry cinnamon and nutmeg on a base of raisin woods and dash of nutty vanilla.

Large Cobweb Bars - mixed fragrance