Just here for the boos

Celebrate Halloween in style with this irresistible sweet treat uniting treacle with sugar, vanilla and candy. All this is enhanced by a fusion of tantalising spices and a hint of musk.


Haunted woods

An intense woody accord with pine, cedar patchouli and vetiver with herbal touches of lavender and rosemary along with incense, labdanum and sensual amber.


Hot buttered Rum

An intoxicating aroma of white rum blended with buttery nuances of coconut and vanilla



Be immersed in this intoxicating, woody oriental aroma where citrus and fruity hints reach deep into a dark heart of florals and a hint of spice. Even deeper still the rich and complex base of the fragrance is laced with precious woods, leather, amber and oudh.


Blood orange

A juicy, tangy orange scent with a hint of floral thyme

Pack 2 Witches Hats - Mixed Fragrances