2 pack sharks which have a combined weight of 50g +

French toast and maple berries

Imagine French toast with heaps of berries and drizzled in maple syrup.  A buttery and rich scent with strong hints of summer berries,

Top Notes:  Strawberries, Clove Buds

Middle Notes: Golden French Toast, Creamy Butter, Condensed Milk

Base Notes: Sweet Strawberry Syrup, Tonka Bean


Cookie dough ice cream

sweet and creamy scent that blend yummy cookies dough with smooth vanilla ice cream

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Mitzi's misty mints

Rich, creamy gourmand white chocolate is kissed with the most gentle mint in this rare treat! 

Day at the fair

Find the fun of the fair in a bottle

Grape happy camper

Grape Happy Camper Candy – Similar to Grape Jolly Rancher Candy

Juicy red apple

crisp fresh scent combines crunchy apples with accents of fruity peach and juicy orange

Red velvet oud

A rich textural scent with dark red velvet rose and violet leaves encasing tones of caramel, praline and smoky oud wood

Sweet candy

A rich creamy edible smelling fragrance with notes of sweet caramel, brown sugar and smooth vanilla, alongside a salted butter nuance, creating a mouthwatering accord.

Tranquil me time

A calming herbal accord of lavender petals refreshed by bergamot, lemon, rosemary and fresh tea leading to floral tones of soft rose petal and white jasmine petals, fully supported by a base of woods, musk and a hint of pepper

2 Pack Soy Wax Shark Shapes

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